Editorial: Firouz Naiem Mahboubi

The impact of America’s presidential election on Iranian political wings and authority

Translated by: Ali Reza Bastani

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نوآوران -

All American nationalities across the world are getting prepared for the presidency election from early in the morning on November 8, 2016 by which one of the candidates either from the Republicans or the Democrats will take the seat as the U.S president and is going to be the effective and the most important person in the world till 2020.

It’s likely to call this period of presidential election as “unimportant and not decisive” whereas the divide in the plans, functions and motto of the two main parties has been slumped chronologically

The rare lack of strategic spectacle- from one side- has caused the U.S presidential election to be an unpredictable exhibit in which both parties have used their ambitions to divulge their secrets such as having the relationship with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, to its historical ruthless behavior.

The augmentation or fall of the U.S military involvement in Syria is one of its examples to people by which they have promised to the public opinion if they win the election. It’s one of the serious reasons that gets the votes of presidency rivals close to each other in polling and probably minimizes highly the rates American participation in its history and gets the Americans neutral towards the presidential candidates as well.

The fall of morality in the U.S presidency is of importance to the view of Iranian authorities because the United States of America is exceedingly getting away from its ideal, moral and ideological west leadership more specifically for Europe.  Secondly, the U.S transformative role of politics in the U.S presidency is so determinative in the country and more unpredictable to Iran. The role of the United States of America is still iconic in the world as well as to the Islamic Republic of Iran considering this reality that this country encompasses one fifth of the world production wealth and half of the world military expenses. We have preceded the period of time when the U.S and its domestic events could affect the fate of the other countries in the world as in Iran.

The mottos and slogans of the U.S presidency has seated this country in place of “ the third world countries” just with the aim of getting more attention of the American audiences more extremely. The fundamental difference between the two parties only affects the type of the U.S political and economic pressure on Tehran, not its extent does.

As we know the Republicans mostly insist on utilizing more American military troops rather than the diplomatic and economic tools which favors the Democrats while there is no Geopolitics dissimilarities in their careers. Thus, the tactics in action not the strategy is the only significant difference for the two parties in the U.S which impacts no determinative action on Iran’s political structure and not even any important movement.

Finally, Trump is going to submit the best gift to Iranian hard liners if he wins the election, a result which will satisfy the rightist faction in Iran for the upcoming Iranian Presidency in spring 2017 against Hasan Rouhani by the most populist would-be president in America. It is a far-fetched desire if someone imagines that Iranian president is not going to be re-elected but it is certain that Trump’s victory is as a good present to the Iranian hardliners to care about.

It’s worthy to mention that in case of each candidate’s victory, Iran’s diplomacy has prepared different plans for each of American’s presidency representatives compared to their traits and upon to the domestic mainstream political movements and it’s possible for our president to make a golden opportunities following the U.S presidential election to confront the hardliner’s political strategies for upcoming spring election.